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Egypt after the Revolution

Egypt after the Revolution

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Saqqara Step Pyramid 

 A full-day sightseeing starting with Saqqara, a vast ancient Egyptian burial ground located some 30 km south of modern-day Cairo. Saqqara features numerous pyramids as well as mastaba tombs. Its most prominent monument, however, is the Step Pyramid; the world’s oldest standing stone structure.

 The tour then continues southwards to Dahshur; another royal necropolis housing the Bent Pyramid; a fascinating structure that raises many questions about the evolution of the pyramids. Dahshur also features the Red Pyramid; the world's first successful attempt to build a "true" smooth-sided pyramid.


 Before going to Giza, a lunch stop will be made at a local restaurant serving “Kushary”; one of the most popular Egyptian dishes (a mix of rice, lentils, check peas, and macaroni combined with tomato sauce topped with caramelized onions).



 After lunch, we will visit the three most spectacular pyramids of Egypt, the Pyramid of Giza.Those include the Great Pyramid of King Cheops, the mightiest of all human achievements, as well as the pyramids of his two successors Chefren, and Mycerinus. Other highlights of the Giza Plateau are also covered in the trip, such as the enigmatic Sphinx and the Solar Boat Museum housing a 4500-year-old boat of King Cheops, built from whole cedars of Lebanon and stretching almost 150 feet in length.

Trip duration: Approx.6-8hrs.

Start from/Return to:Guest hotel.

Sites visited:Saqqara/Dahshu/ Giza.

Trip essentials:Light cotton clothing-comfortable walking shoes-bottled mineral water-sunglasses-eye drops for the dust-hats-sunblock.


  • Transfer in A/C vehicle to the above sites.
  • Certified tour guide.
  • One bottled mineral water per guest.

Not included:

  • Entrance fees.
  • Camera or video charge when applicable.
  • Lunch.
  • Tipping.

***Please dress conservatively especially when visiting churches and mosques. Gentlemen should avoid shorts and ladies should avoid mini-skirts, shorts, transparent (see-through) or tight clothing, and tank tops. Also, please be aware that intimate behavior; i.e. holding hands or kissing is not acceptable inside churches and mosques. Photography is restricted inside some churches, so please consult your guide first. Should you wish to photograph people then please ask for permission.

For reservations or inquiries, please contact us.