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Egypt after the Revolution

Egypt after the Revolution

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 Experience oasis life without having to venture too far. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of Fayyum with its scenery, agreeable climate, and its remains of the past. Fayyum offers a relaxing break from city life. It is located 85 km south of Cairo. Unlike the Western Desert oases, Fayyum is not fed by underground water, but through Bahr Yusuf or "Joseph's Canal", which spreads out over the oasis in many ramifications and finally flows into the Lake Qarun, on the northwest edge of Fayyum.

 Agriculture is believed to have started here around 5000BCE. During the Middle Kingdom (c. 2040-1640 BCE), Fayyum began to be intensively exploited for agriculture. In the Graeco-Roman Period (c.332 BCE–AD 395), it provided most of the grain for the Roman Empire. Fayyum is now a governorate covering an area of 1792 km2 and has a population of almost 2 million. Among the crops grown here are olives, cotton, sugarcane, wheat, maize, rice, bananas and citrus fruits.

 Tourist attractions at Fayyum include the Pyramids of Lahun and Hawara, the Graeco-Roman site of Karanis, the Waterwheels, Lake Qarun, and Wadi Al-Hitan (Whales Valley), which contains invaluable fossil remains of the earliest suborder of whales, Archaeoceti. These fossils of Wadi Al-Hitan represent one of the major stories of evolution: the emergence of the whale as an ocean-going mammal from a previous life as a land-based animal. Their number, concentration, and quality is unique, as is their accessibility and setting in an attractive and protected landscape. The fossils show the youngest Archaeocetis, in the last stages of losing their hind limbs.

Trip duration: Approx.6-8hrs. (Upon request, the day trip can be extended to 2 days with an overnight in one of the hotels at Fayyum).
Start from/Return to:Guest hotel.
Trip essentials:Light cotton clothing-comfortable walking shoes-bottled mineral water-sunglasses-eye drops for the dust-hats-sunblock.
  • Transfer in A/C vehicle to El-Fayyum.
  • Certified tour guide.
  • One bottled mineral water per guest.
Not included:
  • Entrance fees.
  • Camera or video charge when applicable.
  • Lunch/Drinks.
  • Tipping.
***Please dress conservatively when visiting churches and mosques. Gentlemen should avoid shorts and ladies should avoid mini-skirts, shorts, transparent (see-through) or tight clothing, and tank tops. Also, please be aware that intimate behavior; i.e. holding hands or kissing is not acceptable inside churches and mosques. Photography is restricted inside some churches, so please consult your guide first. Should you wish to photograph people then please ask for permission.
For reservations or inquiries, please contact us.