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Egypt after the Revolution

Egypt after the Revolution

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For thousands of years, Egyptians have inspired the world with their civilization, hospitality, and warmth. Monuments including the great pyramids, ancient tombs, historical mosques, synagogues, and churches reflect the understanding, diversity, and absorption of both political and religious circumstances of past and present Egyptian societies.

The recent revolution in Egypt has been named *The Facebook Youth Revolution. The revolution began in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo and, like lightning, ignited the rest of the country with pro-democracy protests calling for enlightenment, free speech, freedom from oppression, and democracy for all citizens. Egyptians are incredibly proud of what they have accomplished, as they have once again inspired and impressed the world with a new type of society: a society which was able to bring together diverse groups of people who revolted peacefully and unfailingly against an oppressive and despotic regime.

We invite the world to provide economic and moral support to Egypt by visiting our country. All Egyptians ask the world to encourage and support their revolution by simply visiting, as the new slogan now carried by all Egyptians is “*Come and visit our new Egypt''*. 


ECT professionally promotes cultural travel programs for those seeking rich, in-depth exploration of Egyptian history and culture, both ancient and modern, while emphasizing respect and understanding of local customs and traditions.

ECT strives to break cultural barriers, eliminate misconceptions, while delivering an unparalleled experience.

ECT familiarizes travelers with things they need to know before coming to Egypt regarding cultural differences, clothing, weather, food, water, transportation, shopping, bargaining, currency, voltage, and more.Contact us today with your inquiries.    

ECT offers:
  • Thorough tours of Egyptian culture and sightseeing.

  • Custom made itineraries,accommodating special interest groups, such as museum members, bird watchers, and ecological groups.

  • One day sightseeing trips with professional guides to many destinations, including the Suez Canal, Alexandria, the Pyramids of Giza, Dahshour, Sakkara, the Egyptian Museum, the Coptic Museum, the Old Islamic and Coptic Christian quarters of Cairo, Luxor, and many more.

Come Enjoy the Best of Egypt.